FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The board acceleration, braking and reverse is controlled by a bluetooth handheld control. To turn, you use your body weight as you would on a normal skateboard / longboard / mountainboard.
The Tezca Board can take a maximum of 110kg (about 220lbs), the optimal rider weight is about 80kg (about 175lbs) or less.
Due to some parts of the board are sealed you can ride through almost any puddle and light rain. However, wet conditions can ruin your bearings and greatly reduce traction, so you do have to be careful.
Yes! There is a little bit of resistance from the gears but you can still push like a normal board when the power is off.
Yes! We have designed a new modular battery system in which you can switch your batteries for other ones. You just need to open each modular case, remove and exchange the batteries.
The Tezca Board uses 6 LiPo batteries, each one with 3.7V and 11Ah. We recommend to use our certified LiPo batteries, but you can use any other LiPo battery that accomplish the following specifications:

Voltage: 22.2V
Capacity: 5Ah (minimum)
Discharge: 15-30C
Connector: XT60

The distance that you can ride with your battery depends of the Capacity (Ah) and the Continious Discharge (C). Please note that your battery will not fit in our cases, you will have to put it over the board and we recommend to use a suitcase container or any other type of container to protect your battery. Also, you will need and extension for the XT60 connector. We will try to sell this additions soon but you can do them without having specialized tools or greater technical knowledge.

We are very pleased to help you with any doubt or any detail you need, send us a mail to support@tezcaboards.com
Yes we do ship internationally! We are based in Mexico and we will start having some international distribution points as soon as possible, but for now we can send your Tezca Board in any place you are!
Absolutely. The Tezca Board comes with a one-year warranty on manufacturing defects.

For more information, questions or suggestions, please contact us or send an email to support@tezcabords.com